Ascended Minion Prime
5 more Ancestral Swords

I found a lot of five of the nine ancestral swords for $7 total (including shipping.)  They have been $3-$5 each wherever I looked for a while.  Just 3 more to get…

21 more Warlord cards for my collection

only 17 more to finish up  (ignoring the Queen-Mother Nyssara and Kraken Cave that surely can never be mine…)


Steve has given me the first crack at showing Briber’s Purse to the world!!!

"Now… kneel before Ascended Minion Prime!  I SAID KNEEL!”

Waiting just a bit more…

I was going to send some stuff for Steve to sign and maybe gather some minion rewards… but I guess I’ll wait to get his stuff from Khans of Tarkir first.

The booster boxes for the most recent Legend of the Five Rings expansion, A Line in the Sand, are actually a hinged tin featuring Steve Argyle’s art for Kobi Sensei on the lid.

Booster boxes for the set sell for $99 each but I don’t actually play the game, making such an investment inconvenient, so I’ve been scouring ebay looking for anyone selling the tins and I found this auction!  (images above are from the auction)  Two tins (one a factory error with the lid rotated 180 degrees!) plus all of the non-foil, non-rare cards from the contained packs (which may contain some number each of Kobi Sensei and Sachina Sensei just as a bonus!)

$19.99 plus $12.35 shipping.  Double the tins for 1/3 the price… I can live with that!


More More More

I decided to buy 29 more L5R cards for my collection… that part of my binder is looking sadly empty on the road to getting all of his 300+ card for that game.

This new addition to my collection is a gift from Ascended Minion 13 and 13.5 (THANKS!), fresh from GenCon 2014 and, boy, does it have a few descriptors…

My Steve Argyle signed and sketched, Kat Oertli signed, Hive Alpha stamped Ultra-Pro Flames of the Firebrand playmat.

Ascended Minion Prime turned 1 today!
It’s more of a Happy Anniversary to my digital camera…

Ascended Minion Prime turned 1 today!

It’s more of a Happy Anniversary to my digital camera…

I just pre-ordered a FTV: Annihilation copy of Child of Alara for $6 and no shipping.  I can live with that.


Multi-card artist proof sketches.  For the truly hardcore.

I am truly hardcore!