Ascended Minion Prime
Ascended Minion Prime turned 1 today!
It’s more of a Happy Anniversary to my digital camera…

Ascended Minion Prime turned 1 today!

It’s more of a Happy Anniversary to my digital camera…

I just pre-ordered a FTV: Annihilation copy of Child of Alara for $6 and no shipping.  I can live with that.


Multi-card artist proof sketches.  For the truly hardcore.

I am truly hardcore!


I’ve been meaning to document my Steve Argyle collection thoroughly for a long time.  I just finished recording an itemized list of the contents of a large mailing tube and three bankers boxes which holds all of my collection that isn’t in my 3” binder.  Some of it was posted here but much of it is still unsigned.  There’s a little over 100 items with 63 signatures total including 16 playmats, 6 prints and tons of who-knows-what.

Now I gotta do the binder sometime…

My unsigned Damia, Sage of Stone overlay alters, vertical and horizontal.

These are two versions of a rather unique card alteration method involving the removal of the foil overlay from an oversized Commander card and applying parts of it to the regular-sized version (as in the top image) or covering an entire card (any card) like in the lower image.

While this can be done with any of the Commanders that have an oversized version, of course these Damias are illustrated by Steve Argyle.

Special thanks to Minion #271 of the Ascended Minion Project for making these for me!

My Steve Argyle signed Mayael’s Aria Artist Proof.  This addition maintains my collection total of these at 12 since I recently traded one away.  My search continues to obtain as many of the 50 in existence that I can find!  Special thanks to Andrea, Minion #25, Ascended Minion #5 for relinquishing this to me (and telling me that I rock!)

Cardboard Crack

You all know the term.  We NEED IT!  I just filled a hole in my L5R collection… but it cost me.  The cards Strength of the Dragon and Strength of the Unicorn from the 2006 Kotei Packs have eluded me forever.  BUT!  I found an eBay auction today for sealed Kotei packs from 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2012 in a bundle.  I just paid $31 for them… even though the two cards I want are probably worth no more than $1 each.

Scarcity!  It’s a supply and demand thing… they just weren’t out there.

Oh well, maybe I can resell the other 3 packs.

I got a present!  The Direktors of Hive Alpha sent me a care package of stuff with their version of the Ascended Minion Project logo stamp.  I felt I needed a representation of it in my stuff.  I asked.  I received.  There’s even a smattering of L5R in here!  I also got some miscellany of Steve’s Magic cards to put in my trade book for a rainy day.


Steve Argyle sent me copies of his digital sketch and color rough (a print of which can be seen on the table next to him painting) that eventually became this, the largest Steve Argyle original oil painting he has completed to date.


Magic: the Gathering - All Foil Booster Pack

On January 11th 2010, Wizards released an Alara Block premium foil booster pack which contained 15 foil, black-bordered cards from Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn for an MSRP of $12.

Product packaging included the artwork from Slave of Bolas, Alara Reborn Uncommon illustrated by artist Steve Argyle.

I actually have a sealed booster box of this in my collection.